Why OctoLED?

Maximize Yield
  • Optimal distribution for standardized growth
  • Better penetration for increased lateral foliage density
  • Achieve improvement across production metrics
Accelerate Growth
  • Backed by horticultural lighting science
  • Advanced sLED technology for vigorous growth
  • Dual peak spectrum for full cycle performance
Save Time
  • Minimize set up, transition, or turnover
  • Eliminate time spent rotating and moving plants
  • Simple mounting and height adjustment
Reduce Energy
  • Achieve up to 60% energy savings*
  • Dimming for need-based consumption
  • Heat-resistant, ventilation-friendly design
Prevent Pests
  • Reduce incidence of light-related microclimates
  • Limit impact on on-cycle environmental conditions
  • Lessen pest and disease-friendly shading
Low Maintenance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 150,000+ hour average lifespan
  • High-end, UL-certified components
*Based on typical set up with leading high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. Facility energy savings will differ depending on prior lighting set up, Octo units acquired, and a variety of other factors

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