Who Turned Dreams Into A Reality?

Who Turned Dreams Into A Reality?

Octo LED – TCM Herbalists, Engineers, Scientists

The dreamer dreamt of a brave new world. A world that was illuminated by a bright and everlasting light. A world filled with the healing power of plants and herbs, passed down through the millennia. Many perils and uncertainties had to be overcome, but fear would not stop the dreamer. He persevered.

Who can see into the future and pull from it those wondrous gifts to bestow upon humanity?

The Dreamers.

Energy…. Balanced

At the core of this brave new world is balance. Balance brings the light and darkness into symbiosis. Yin and Yang. Traditional Chinese Medicine examines the body as a whole instead of the body as a gathering of parts. It is the belief that everything in the body is connected and if there is an imbalance between the mind, body, spirit and the environment, sickness or illness can occur. If one abnormality in the body is found, other checks will be performed to find abnormalities in the body that can be caused by the ailment or sickness or vice versa. Therefore, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the body as a whole to bring the mind, body and environment to a perfect balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine will brings healing through herbs and primarily the use of Qi (Chi), the universal energy for life and medicine.

Balance is the key to unlocking all of the universe’s secrets.

The Herbal Masters

Let us take a journey into the past. Over eighteen centuries ago lived a man that dreamed to dare in the face of fear. His name was Hua Tuo (140 – 207 B.C.). The first herbal master to use herbal anesthesia during surgical procedures. His preeminent and deep knowledge of medicinal herbal healing was unrivaled and unparalleled, although many claimed to have possessed his healing secrets.

Deep he travelled all over China searching for the wounded and afflicted so that he could restore their health and vitality with the Herbal Alchemy he had mastered with adept precision and skill.

His kindness and generosity became well known throughout the provinces and soon became recognized by wealthy princes and royalty alike. He became a court appointed physician and was hailed as a visionary medicinal healer. Soon the rivalries began and other less adept herbal practitioners began to seek out the royal families to gain notoriety and favor but were proven fraudulent with their deceitful tactics. The true path of Alchemy they had not chosen.

Thus Hua Tuo’s legacy continued to spread, his true wisdom and knowledge disseminated throughout the centuries. Passing through generation after generation until the Qi energy of Huo Tuo’s alchemist spear penetrated through time to reach the 21st century.

Alchemy is the divine understanding handed down to mortals.

Alkhemist Exalted

Can one idea truly bridge the gap between past and future? Can the perception of time cease in order for innovation to become fully formed and molded into a tangible, practical and material instrument to alchemically change the world of cultivation?

The answer is yes.

Through dreams, dedication and determination the mechanics of Alchemy have been decoded and deciphered for a new generation of humanity. Just as Huo Tuo used Alchemy to unlock the healing powers of Mother Earth’s herbal wonders, today’s Alkhemists have brought forth and harnessed the vectors of past and future to converge at the apex of present.

Applied Science and rigorous testing. Iteration after iteration, improving and refining each model until the perfect balance of Spectrum, Uniformity and Intensity had been achieved.

This is Octo.

The road has been a long, laborious and arduous one, but the guiding spirit of innovation and revolution has led us through the darkness and into the light.

Science, Thought, Analysis and Implementation

The Science behind Octo is simple to grasp but the breadth and complexity of what makes Octo shine are vast.

Can one light provide the perfect amount of light throughout each phase of cultivation while simultaneously taking efficiency to the absolute most minimal limits never thought achievable?

Octo Can.

Applied Science Engineering lies at the core of Octo’s efficiency. 640 watts is all that is needed to power its intense and varied spectrum. The engineers behind Octo have distilled down the energy input requirements to their absolute minimum to be able to provide the tremendous amount of intensity that Octo radiates.

There simply is no equal in the world of cultivation lighting systems when it comes to efficiency.

Algebra of Efficiency LED Productivity

Demonstration of Efficiency 2x Lever.

Cost Saving 50 %

Cost Saving: 100 to 50 = 50

Use that 50 saving to 2x grow.

X = one cost unit of production

Y = the yield

X + X = Y

2X = Y

50% efficiency can lead to 100% growth in yield.

100% Productivity Increase.

The bottom-line captures both the efficiency savings and the 2x growth explosion powered by the same efficiency savings.

LED lighting has evolved to reach the pinnacle of Precision, Power and Superiority.

Join the Octo Efficiency Revolution.