Soul of Octo


Every brand that earns the trust and delight of its customers must champion a cause of social mission that protects and advances humanity. Humanity is a miracle that has transcended all odds of evolution but still fragilely at its infancy relative to the brief history of time. We belong to the class of humanity and it is up to us all to demand that every brand dutifully serves for the welfare of humanity and not the other way around. When the service is sublime it needs no drum roll validation. Every social cause is in the furtherance of the experiment of humanism and is worthy of collective vision and total commitment. To exist is to serve a higher purpose.


To have a social mission the brand must first articulate its core beliefs. Success of profitability is merely one of the means of manifesting brand ethos. Core beliefs cannot thrive in isolation. Rather they must be nurtured and sutured by the connective and binding tissues of soul. Soul is embedded everywhere in matters of existence along side with its twin sibling Spirit. Soul is the Yin and Spirit is the Yang of the universe that is infinitely scalable and divisible by fractal dualities. Yin and Yang must coexist in constant struggle and tension. The pair is the match made in both heaven and hell simultaneously. They are perpetually chasing each other and balancing each other in an endless loop. When the two are in relative balance, positive Qi is produced. The essence of life. The Soul pertains to human relationships and emotional attachments. It occupies the right hemisphere of the brain housing ethereal associations and collective consciousness based on the concept of we. Soul extends and pervades the soil of social human network. Soul counts itself as just one of many tenants in the coop of human experience. Soul is home and Soul is the mother root. The other half the Spirit is about individual freedom and independence. It reigns over the left hemisphere of the brain that encases conceptions of analytics and self-identity. The Spirit thinks it can go alone and it places self in the center of the universe. It can be an auspicious partnership. It takes a mother to ground and it takes a father to pursue. Soul is to be shared while Spirit is to be let free. A social mission without the means to anchor and project the vision cannot muster feasibility.


[sidenote: Even within the Soul which is considered Yin in nature, further subdivisions into Yin of the Soul and Yang of the Soul persist pursuant to the doctrine of infinite binary divisibility.


The Yangs of the Soul encompass the postnatal relationship and attachment aspects of human behavioral development whereas the Yins of the Soul define the pre-heaven (that is, Karma carryover debit account – more on this later) relationship and attachment aspects of human behavioral involvement. Yin carries many characteristics (for example, moon, shadow, femininity, nature and the past) whereas Yang professes such characteristics as sun, light, masculinity, nurture and the present. The Spirit (the other half that together with the Soul constitutes the Being of Existence via robust Qi production) is also broken into Yin and Yang. The Yin of the Spirit is the pre-heaven freedom and detachment aspects of psychoemotional involvement. Likewise the Yang of the Spirit speaks to the postnatal freedom and detachment aspects of psychoemotional development. In the practice of traditional Chinese medicine nothing is neither good nor evil in the absolute. It is in the context of relativity that too much heat is bad relative to too little cold and vice versa. The check and balance (CAB) of relative Yin and Yang assures that homeostasis maintains equilibrium and self-tuning can roam about to do its proper job. No one is ever actually sick. The person may be horribly out of balance. It is in the pursuit of ever-changing balance that the perfectitude of human endeavor shines luminously.]


The success of the social mission hinges on the quality of the soul. And every soul starts off as an empty vessel that beckons to be filled and shared. Octo wants to start a revolution that makes us realize about the awesomeness of efficiencies. The Efficiency Revolution will allow us to squeeze out every last drop of efficiency from everywhere overlooked. Efficiencies basically yield more time and more money from the perspective of business enterprise. But when applied not just to businesses but to us humans, then there are truly wonderful dividends that are sure to bring us more contentment and conviction. Contentment of heart and conviction of mind can steady ships caught in the roughest of seas.


Aren’t those two the true basis of happiness after all? That happiness of knowing with conviction that what we desire is what we already have – – things, people and love. The hard part in today’s society is not knowing when there is enough and when they are in balance according to the true needs of one individual. We have lost the personal scorecard. Instead we are graded on an universal curve that throws so many of us into a state of panic and chaos. We have spent all that time since the beginning of human time taming and fighting off the outside world around us that we have neglected the care of inner us demonstrably. The outside world we have managed to manicure is quite fancy compared to the desolate inner us. The inner us needs to catch up big time to the echelon of modernity. It does not entail digital upgrades. We have the unique capacity to think and feel and emote freely while dispensing compassion and empathy. They are the seeds of contentment if cultivated wisely. To assure that we can complete this introspection and renovation of human psyche, we need more time on planet earth which must feel precariously abused and abandoned by its human denizens.


The Efficiency Revolution kickstarted by Octo will buy us much needed time. The prime objective is to reduce waste, conserve nature and recycle resources thru the exactions of efficiency. In the absence of innovation, efficiency must dictate the allocation of limited resources. Waste not want not. It is not just businesses and institutions that have to mind maximum efficiencies but we humans have to become active participants in this new efficiency-driven lifestyle. Efficiency Revolution is a new way of thinking outside the box of hardwired ideas. It is a whole new operating system unburdened by the past and excited by the future that holds out the promise that best efforts when measured and modulated by efficiency shall result in best realization of potential. Efficiency Revolution must first be felt and forged in the fires of the heart and then cooled and crystalized by the calculations of the head to merit its true worth. The social mission of Octo is to awaken our senses to the littered opportunities of efficiency. Octo has the right stuff of soul to deliver.


Octo LED fires the opening salvo of Efficiency Revolution.


Best parts maketh Best product. Parts are everything that goes into integrating the final product off the assembly line. Parts are not just the concrete inanimate components. Human endeavors make up the biggest parts.


Octo LED utilizes the best components parts in the business.

  • Energy Efficiency Optimized Drivers
  • Nano Composites Applied Slim Profile Heatsinks
  • Spectrum Optimized Mix Blend of Propriety sLEDs
  • Anodized T-Slot Modular Frame Platform
  • Synthesized Fiberglass Tube Sheathing


Octo LED’s team of engineers and experts bring home the symphony of integrative marvel. The artisan craftsmanship and finishing bring to bright life the meaning of when best parts meet best human skills of honed precision the best product necessarily engenders.


Every finished Octo LED is a whole of many parts machine and human. Each Octo LED rests on the underlying value of seamless fusion and harmony between human actors and machine protectorates. Each value node added along the production chain be expressed in terms of a blockchain in which every machine human pair-up mutually reinforces efficiency and exactitude. Every machine part is exact and every human endeavor is precise. Nothing lacks and nothing surfeits Viewed from this prism the synergy necessitates maximum efficiency in every manner.


The Soul of Octo is about finding a beautiful balance between science and humanity wherein efficiencies are the net beneficiaries.